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BGP5 – The Flesh Pounder



Show Note:

This week we unveil the final form of the podcast. A hefty amount of work went into the podcast due to a lost episode and some audio issues. This week we talk about games and an enemy type called “The Flesh Pounder.”

For our topic of the week, we discuss intense gaming moments. It’s pretty awesome.

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When FEZ originally released on XBOX Live Arcade, I stayed up the night before waiting for it to appear on my my dash. My girlfriend at the time stayed up on the phone with me and talked with me until it came out. Once it showed up I attempted to buy it but sadly failed when I realized there were no Microsoft Points on my profile. I shot over to the Albertsons down the street and bought one of the two cards left.

I redeemed my points, I downloaded FEZ and began playing.

FEZ marked the beginning of a very crucial point in my life. Shortly after the release of this game I would see the vacancy of my childhood home. I would see countless arguments breakout between friends, family and even in my own relationship. I would see myself become homeless, my dog develop a terrible rash and then finally I would see myself reach my own physical breaking point. FEZ is one of my top 5 favorite games of all time. To this day it makes me feel warm inside and so much more.

Since FEZ released on Xbox Live, the girl and I no longer speak. The only place I have ever called home is now occupied by complete strangers and my dog still has that rash.

I never saw video games as anything more than entertainment and at one point during my homeless-ness I saw it as a complete waste of time. Now I see them as landmarks in a weird way. Checkpoints. I am no longer reviewing FEZ for the Playstation Vita because of everything that game means to me. I know I would not be able to give it a fair score.

1. FEZ
2. Max Payne 3
3. Infamous 2
4.Kane and Lynch 2
5. Gears of War 3

All of these games represent that time period to me. Max Payne I was able to set aside from all of that weirdness but the rest are very much tied to that point in time.

If I did score FEZ, it would receive a 5 out of 5.

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Thank you.

-Wylie Dean

Thoughts on … Max Payne 3 (Minor Spoilers)

I’ll explain the title first. The title of these segments will be called “Thoughts on (game title)”

What are these?

“Thoughts on” articles are a way for us to talk about games, give a score to it (or not) and recommend or give warning. It’s really just a less structured review.

I chose Max Payne 3 for a few reasons. 1. Rockstar is my favorite developer 2. Max Payne 3 is one of my top 5 favorite games this generation 3. It’s only $4.99(US) on XBOX LIVE right now … YOU SHOULD BUY IT.

Max Payne 3 feels great. That’s how I want to start this because I feel that there are little things in games that go unnoticed. What am I talking about? F.E.A.R 3 has amazing dual wielding, but no one really talked about and I get that in reviews there is almost no room to mention these things but that’s what this is for. Little things. Max Payne 3’s little thing for me was it’s maturity. Max Payne 3 has this incredible presentation of brutal honesty while still being realistic and what makes that amazing to me is this game has Bullet Time in it but still feel realistic. There is a point in MP3 where Max is detoxing and shaves his head. That was so important to me. It showed this character who has been abusing pills since the first game and then Rockstar took it away. I got nervous. I got really scared at the same time because I was thinking “OH MAN there are going to be no more pills in the game. THIS GAME IS GOING TO GET INSANELY DIFFICULT!” and while that didn’t happen, I played the rest of game without using pills because I wanted to be honest with the story. I really could not get enough of this game. I perfected it on an old PSN account and still bought it TWICE for 360 because of how fantastic it is. I highly recommend that if you are going to get this game on 360 you buy the games on demand version instead of used. Why? You won’t have to switch discs and you’ll get all the multiplayer content for free.

Max Payne 3



Side Note: My xbox live name is SYNAPAUSE, if you ever want to play multiplayer or just chat while you play through the story, I’m up for it. I don’t care if you’re reading this 5 years late, lets do it!

Games with Gold – The Dead Island Review

Dead Island is an action role playing game set in the early days of a zombie outbreak on a tropical paradise resort. So while gamers are no strangers to the zombie/infected enemy types, the quests of an rpg game and tropical setting add for some variety.

The gameplay in Dead Island has potential. The entirety of the game will be played from a first person perspective, which makes a lot of the melee weapons feel extremely satisfying but creates an odd detachment when firing pistols and rifles. The melee weapons in this game are fantastic! From your bare fists to an electrical katana, it is rare you will find yourself without the perfect tool for a job and even if you do, Dead Island features a weapon crafting system. This system allows you to create not only the Katana I mention, but much more if you have the right blueprints, and that’s the only downside. Because finding blueprints throughout the game served no real challenge, you’ll end up asking yourself “Why do I even need these?” It would have been smarter to have a crafting system like Dead Rising 2 where the only set up for a weapon is having the parts needed and finding a work bench.

Side Note: You can also repair weapons at these work benches.

The gunplay is Dead Island is also a weird “reward and slap” element. The first time I came across a firearm in the game, I saw no use for it because of the amazing melee weapons. However, later in the game you will encounter human enemies which serve as an actual challenge and oddly instilled more fear in me than the infected. When fighting these humans you’ll find that the game has great gun play but an odd barrier to enjoying it. The camera does this unsteady hands movement with any fire arm you use but only in fine aim. Imagine if Call of Duty’s unsteady zoomed in sniper rifle was what you had to use but with every single gun in the game. It served as more of an annoyance than a provision of reality to the game.

The control of your character is great. I never felt cheated when trying to out run infected or humans. I did greatly enjoy the stamina bar in this game. It’s basically a sprint meter, but when in melee combat becomes an energy meter. It doesn’t make the game feel cheap but instead provides a fun mechanic for fighting. This stamina meter also creates some challenge in both gameplay and in the upgrade system. The upgrade system in Dead Island is smart and applies in different areas of the game. 4 levels for each melee weapon. 3 different branches of skills for your character and the ability to repair items.

Dead Island is, for the most part. pretty. Weather changes and bloodied enemies look somewhat realistic. The only time where the game starts to look bad is with character models and texture pop-in. Normally texture pop-in is easily forgiven in a game of this size but because of how frequent this occurs and how long it takes for textures to appear, it wasn’t something that went unnoticed. As for the characters in the game, the ones that you interact with all look plastic for some reason and sometimes under developed. The only real characters that are decent to look at are the 4 characters that you, and online friends, play as. The cars have a cool damage effect in that your windshield will shatter and obscure driving before your character punches out said windshield. The only other issue with the looks of this game is that it feels as if I’m playing with a really poor camera filter on for majority of the first act. I say first act because either the filter subsides or because I adjusted to it as I progressed.

The audio in this game is awful. Sadly most of the characters have accents that either sound fake or are too thick to understand. The only good thing about the audio in this game is the infected. They truly stand out and provided a nice scare but after a while became nothing more than audio cues to A. Change method of fighting or B. Haul ass out of there. The music in this game is decent at best mainly because it felt like it didn’t fit.

Before I give a final score I wanted to mention the hud. It’s done incredibly well. The durability of each weapon you’re using in the top right, the white and red health bar with a barely visible heart beat monitor inside it on the top left and the map in the bottom right make for an easy to understand user interface. The fact that enemy health bars and levels are also shown in this display makes for an awesome look and feel. My only downside to this is the tips that pop up usually when driving while trying to use the mini map. It’s almost not worth mentioning but again because of how much it occurred I could not let it go unstated.

My other side note is the co op in this game and way it presents itself. Dead Island has smart and simple drop in, drop out co op system. This is a true drop in, drop out gameplay mechanic. When other gamers (both on and off your friends list) are in the same area as you, it prompts you in a non interrupting way stating that “so and so is nearby, press <– to join!” and that’s it. This feature also plays both ways so other people online can see you and hop in. Don’t want that? Pause and drop out. It doesn’t mess up gameplay and doesn’t restart the whole mission over. It puts you exactly where you were when playing with that person. Additionally, you can turn off the feature all together. Developer TechLand really used some black magic on this one. It’s done so well.

Overall Dead Island is a fun game that provides a lot of replay value. Sadly, this can affected by poor camera options, odd character models and all to frequent texture pop-ins. So if you got the game on Xbox Live Gold, I highly recommend playing it and if you’re looking to buy it, I recommend buying used. Also, don’t buy Dead Island Riptide. It’s a sad sequel.

3.9 out of 5
I enjoyed it but beating infected/zombies to death can only be fun for a short while with these issues
+Melee Weapons
-Awkward Gun play
-Texture Issues

By Wylie Dean