Aliens Colonial Marines – The Review

So before you read this thing:

I have just got done reviewing DUKE NUKEM FOREVER and that was horrible. The game was painful to review and I did not want to finish it. I then switch to ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES for our GEARBOX review series but that was a terrible mistake. I don’t like ACM. I love the Aliens films but this game really disappointed. Instead I am just going to publish the list of notes I made while playing the review.

I realize how unprofessional this is but this is honestly better than reviewing the game.

I apologize.

My final score for this game is a 0/5.


The BasicGamers Review


-all other difficulties feel like you are just walking through

They make me feel like DR. MANHATTAN in Vietnam

-Bad health system, a full regenerative health system would have been better. This one felt half assed/like a lousy attempt to make the game harder

-Terrible checkpoints = chapters feel too lengthy because of this

-Running/walking feels really good

-Pickups should be walk bys (except collectibles) again this felt like a bad attempt to make it harder

-Aiming feels like a cheap version of MW1 (the game looks a bit worse than MW1)

+/-Shotgun is way to powerful

-Why am I able to jump?

-AI is beyond idiotic

-Aliens are not scary

Story isn’t convincing and has to many holes.

Spoiler: your buddy in the intro kills himself because an alien emerges from his chest

But then later you are confronted by face huggers and can kill them with one shot

Why didn’t we just shoot the emerging alien in the beginning instead blowing up the only walk way to safety?

Tutorials are easily missed but incredibly insightful

If you see em DO NOT PRESS A (X on PS3) READ FIRST

I am probably going to give this game a 1. Maybe a 1.5 but I highly doubt it.


Ask Chad about giving a game a 0.

By Wylie


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